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Given the fast pace of technology and social media, each of our members need to keep up with the rapidly changing technology. Often there is confusing new jargon and terms making this processes appear too complicated for some, especially our senior brothers who may not be able to fellowship with us in person.  

For that reason, this page is primarily focused on our senior brothers and reestablishing an ongoing communication with our brothers. 

Here we want to simplify the process so that every member, especially our senior brothers, can feel connected. When brothers feel disconnected, participation decreases especially for our senior brothers. We need to remedy this!

Our goal here is to simply get all our members connected and provide a very basic understanding of the most popular social media platforms and websites represented by the icons above.

First things first.  What are these icons above and what exactly is social media?

There is no mystery or magic here brothers. Simply stated, all of these icons are nothing but high tech low cost telephones. Nothing more!!!  Everything from email to YouTube is just that, a form of communication.

That’s it!  Mystery solved!

Now let’s break down each of these items from email to YouTube  in order to show that there is nothing new or magical about any of this stuff, so that we can get you connected.

These Social media platforms enable us to remain connected with family, fraternity and  friends. When you click on any of these icons above you are simply and in essence making a phone call to your brothers. It's that simple.

So let us address each of these ICONS and talk about what they really are, so that we can eliminate any mystery.


  •  E-mail:  This is an easy one. By now, we all know our way around email but to be thorough, lets include this explanation anyway.


  • E-Mail (electronic mail)- You are simply sending a written document to another person at their address. Before the rise of electronic mail or E- mail, when we wanted to send a letter, we would grab a pen and paper, an envelope and stamp. We would write the person’s name on the envelope, along with their location.  For example:  Elder Watson Diggs  721 E. Hunter Ave, Bloomington, IN 47401, and we would drop that in the mailbox.


  • The process is not much different now. We simply do this entire process on the computer/Electronically, hence the name Electronic mail or E-mail. 


  • The only thing that has changed is the recipient's location or address. Instead of 721 Hunter Avenue, we use the recipient’s Electronic location or address.  So 721 Hunter Avenue  is replaced by telling the computer where to find your recipient. In this case, we would be telling the computer that Elder Watson Diggs's computer is located AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY,  indicated as  ElderWatsonDiggs@IndianaUniversity.Com.  Simple!!! 


  • So click the first ICON above and send electronic mail message to your brothers located AT   ( and reconnect with us.



  • FaceBook: This is a more fancy telephone but still just a telephone.  A way to communicate with family and friends. You can equate this one to going to a family reunion, catching up with family and friends showing photos and sharing stories and meeting new family members etc.  There’s no magic or mystery here. It’s like picking up the phone and calling into the family reunion and talking to everyone on speaker phone and continuing to check in on them or follow up with them to see how they are doing.  That’s Facebook!  Oversimplified for sure but for our purposes, that’s it!

  • So if you want to have a quick reunion with your frat brothers of Maplewood Oranges Alumni Chapter simply click the second ICON above   and see what going on with your brothers and to continue to follow up with us.



  • Twitter: Again no mystery here. It’s just another telephone or form of communication.  Sometimes you just need to say something really quick.  It used to be that we would pick up the phone and  say  "Hey I just called to say Happy Birthday"  or to share a quick thought  or to see how you are doing or even to call a company to complain about or praise their service.  Well that’s Twitter. Instead of picking up a phone, you type A short, 140-character limit message, about any topic you choose and you direct that message by using @ in front of the person’s name or nickname or company name which is viewed by everyone in associated with that person. Equate this to giving a shout out on the radio.  That's Twitter! Again simple!   So if you want to give a shout-out to your chapter bros.  click the 3rd icon above with the picture of the bird.    




  • Instagram:  Again brothers... no magic here!   Remember back in the day we would take photos of a wedding, a graduation, or new born family member.  We would then put that photo in the mail to other family members and friends. They would respond indicating that the received and like the photo. Maybe they would send you a photo in return.  That’s Instagram!  Instead of the long process of sending a photo in the mail or by telegram.  You do it instantly by computer, hence the name Instagram (Instant Gram).

  • So if you have photo you would like to share with your Brothers of MOAC or see the photos they have shared,  click the 4th icon above that looks like a camera.


  • Pinterest.  This one is pretty simple as well.  The same way you would get magazines at your home and you would see a nice car, a suit, a home or even a beautiful woman on PAGE 42 of the Jet Magazine (Yeah I went there! That's old skool right there Nupes!)  -and you would tear that photo out of the magazine and tack it on your wall. Well that is Pinterest.  You are simply taking a stick pin and tacking a magazine page that you found interesting onto your wall. You are electronically pinning up something that you find interesting on to your electronic wall or computer screen, hence the name PINTEREST (Pin your interest).   

  • So if you want to look through at a bunch of photos and articles and pin up something you find interesting. Click on the 5th ICON



  • YouTube is no mystery as well.  It’s a television! An advanced television for sure but still just a TV.   You pick a channel and you watch your television or your tube, hence the name YOUTUBE  The difference here is that you can be very detailed about what you would like to see on your television or tube.  Simply type, for example: Kappa Alpha Psi, New Jersey and see all the channels associated with Kappa Alpha Psi in New Jersey.   

  • So if you want to connect and see videos associated with the frat or anything else you may be interested in watching, click the 6th Icon above. 


Brothers please visit the Foundation’s website as well.

(Diamond Click the last Icon above. is a way to communicate and keep track of the business of the fraternity.

  • Please go setup your profile in The fraternity needs your immediate attention to this matter.

  • Login at   Enter your:

  • Email: your email address

  • Password: Obtain the password by reaching out to Bro. Polemarch Marvin Griffith

  • Please remember, this network is exclusive to members in 'Good Standing' 

  • Reading and signing the confidentiality agreement protects your privacy and informs you of the rules of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.   


                              That's it bros. It's simple and easy. Now let’s connect!

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